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For more than 30 years, words have been my stock-in-trade as a screenwriter and playwright. But in 2019, God made it clear He had other plans. And at age 60, I looked up one day and found a paint brush in my hand. Who knew?


Now as a visual artist with this crazy eclectic style that I've heard called, "Urban Folk," I get to tell stories in an exciting new way.

 I was all for painting pretty pictures of flowers and first. However, soon it wasn't enough to satisfy that nudge in my soul. I heard Nina Simone say, "An artist has a responsibility to reflect the times." The die was cast.

While my work often reflects the harsh realities of the times, I still  can't help but share my nostalgic affection for Black culture in South Central Los Angeles during the 60's-70's. The era of my coming of age.

I'm largely self-taught and work with a wide range of mediums in an attempt to harness my storytelling ability to produce visual narratives that at once challenge and inspire.

Thank you for joining me

on  my journey!

~Colorfully yours,



MAY 2020 - Emerging Artists Virtual Exhibition

                     The Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art/

                     International Museum Week


APRIL/JUNE 2020 - We Count: An Online Exhibition

                                  Arts Connection/The Arts Council of San Bernardino County

FEBRUARY 2020 -  High Desert Artists Open Exhibition

                                 Victor Valley Natural History Museum

FEBRUARY 2021 -   Out From Under: Uncovering the Unseen Genius of Black Art

                                  in San Bernardino Count

                                  Arts Connection/The Arts Council of San Bernardino County

                                  in association with Barstow Community College


FEBRUARY 2022 -   High Desert Artists Open Exhibition

                                  Victor Valley Natural History Museum


JUNE 2022 -              Wade in the Water

                                   Art and Quilt Exhibition

                                   Victor Valley Natural History Museum

SEPTEMBER 2022 - First Artists

                                  Chaffey Community Museum of Art

                                  Featured Presenter

FEBRUARY/APRIL 2023 - We the People: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

                                            Ontario Museum of History and Art

                                            Juried Exhibitor

MAY - JUNE 2023 - Mental Health Awareness Month Exhibition

                                 San Bernardino Musuem of Art


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